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Undergoing a job change, career change, early retirement or normal retirement brings several considerations to the forefront, key among them being what to do with savings held in your employer-sponsored retirement plans. Today, multiple job and career changes are the norm, and for those who are disciplined and diligently saving for retirement throughout these transitions, it is not uncommon to hold retirement money in one or more plans with previous employers. It is not commonly known, however, that in addition to incurring fund-level expenses, you may be charged heavy fees on plan assets to cover plan administration. We feel this represents a misallocation of your financial resources, and the money would be more wisely deployed in hiring a comprehensive registered investment advisory firm that delivers much more robust asset management and meaningful ongoing guidance tailored to your needs. At enCompass, we will work with you to consolidate those retirement dollars and align your investments with your retirement strategy.

Compass can help you roll your retirement plan savings into an IRA managed by our firm so you will benefit from:

  • Increased financial flexibility
  • Access to a broader universe of investment alternatives
  • Personalized ongoing portfolio management tailored to your needs and financial goals
  • Advanced retirement analysis on an annual basis utilizing Monte Carlo simulation
  • Comprehensive guidance on other matters related to your wealth
  • Consolidation of accounts for enhanced control and coordination
  • Elimination of adminstrative fees associated with employer-sponsored retirement plans

At enCompass, we focus on clients who are looking for a relationship with their wealth manager—not simply a transaction. We seek to develop a thorough understanding of your needs in order to deliver effective and meaningful guidance. We would like to meet with you at your earliest convenience to discuss our approach and learn more about you. If you decide enCompass is right for you, we will handle your retirement plan rollover in the following way:

  • Review your retirement plan holdings and individual circumstances to confirm that a rollover is the best option for you, and determine how the rollover should be structured
  • Prepare all account opening and advisory agreement paperwork for your signature
  • Request the rollover paperwork from the plan administrator and assist in filling out necessary forms for your submission to the plan administrator
  • Develop our portfolio recommendations and proposal for your consideration
  • Work with you to consolidate all other accounts under our highly disciplined, institutional-quality portfolio management process
  • Outline the next steps in addressing areas that we feel require your attention in order to provide comprehensive guidance on all matters related to your wealth

For a complimentary meeting, please contact enCompass or call us at (847) 247-0064.



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